Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The results are in!

Two weeks ago i posed the question as to what you gurls wear to bed for "protection". There was a tie between "Just panties" and "Panties with a pad". But it's clear that i should probably be wearing more than nothing at all to avoid those unpleasant "accidents". 

Sissy terrie said she wears "additional protection" sometimes, but didn't elaborate. i suppose she'll let all our imaginations run wild 😋 There were also two "other" votes, but no explanations in the comments. 

Thank you everyone who voted. This was the first i included a poll in one of my posts. It was a fun way to get some feedback on this blog when rarely does anyone comment!


Wednesday, September 7, 2022


A couple weeks ago, i had posted about my "wet dream" that i experienced. terrie left me a comment hoping that i'm now sleeping with some sort of "protection" now.

i hadn't ever thought about it, mostly i guess because i never really needed it before. So, now i pose a question for my readers. So looking forward to the results. Perhaps i too will be wearing "protection" at night in the near future.


What type of "protection" do you wear at night?
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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The perfect fit (finally!)

In my last post, i mentioned about spending an entire year locked from May 2021 through April 2022. Chastity is a trial and error game for many. A balance between fit and comfort. No two sissy bits are the same, yet so many commercially available cages are "one size fits most". Enter custom made cages...

my first custom metal cage was a Jailbird from Mature Metal in 2016. i spend days measuring myself multiple times and thought i had it pretty good. After all, they aren't cheap, and really wanted to get the fit "perfect". With a ring size of 1.75" and an overall cage length of 3.5". Mature Metal's website says to take your "soft" measurement and subtract 1/4". Through reading on chastity websites, most people recommend subtracting a 1/2 inch, so i did.

The fit was good. But i think i knew pretty quickly that i grossly overestimated the length! Speaking with a friend who is also locked... he recently upgraded (downgraded?) to a smaller cage, and we worked out a deal and he sent me his "old" cage. It was the same internal diameter, but a full inch shorter than what i had ordered... just 2.5".

What an "upgrade" it was! i was beyond pleased with how much better it fit me. The only problem now was the ring. Whenever i would attempt to get excited, the ring would slide and the cage would push away from my body. So my next purchase was a new base ring. i ordered one size smaller, AND a double base ring. The double base ring is 10x more comfortable! Seriously that should be the standard option when ordering one of their devices. The problem now was the size. Unfortunately going one size smaller was just too small to wear at night. So the year i spent locked, had me changing the base ring twice a day. Sleeping in my original singe ring, and changing it first thing in the morning to the double ring.

So here we are in August, after a 4 month break from blogging and chastity really. Over the break, i went back to MM.  i had sent my original cage and base ring to them.  i had them add a second ring to my original 1.75" base, AND i had them shorten my original 3.5" cage down to 2.25". i believe i now have that "perfect" fit! As of this writing i've been locked 24/7 for two weeks... and i haven't even SEEN the key. 

This sissy couldn't be happier  😊


Tuesday, August 23, 2022

It's been a long while

End of August already? It's really been 5 months since i've posted???  Well, i'm sure some of you understand how life can get in the way of the more... fun things. And this year has been one of those times. Anyway, with that out of the way, back to your regularly scheduled "fun times"! i'll try and post more frequently 😘

Ah let's see... The end of April marked the end of my 1 year in chastity journey. i spent 365 days locked, 7,046.75 hours, or 80.44% of the time from May 1, 2021 through April 30, 2022. In that time, my wonderful Mistress enjoyed 171 orgasm, while i enjoyed 14 full and 10 ruined. i'd like to tell you about the last orgasm i "enjoyed" before i was freed from chastity at April's end.

Something that i can say has never happened to me before. Since i discovered masturbation in my early teens, i've always "taken matters in my own hands" so to speak. i've never gone more than a couple days without an orgasm until my Wife and i started playing with orgasm denial and chastity.

So at the end of April this year i was shocked at what happened, incredibly embarrassed, and humiliated to say the least. i can remember dreaming, i can't remember what about, but i do remember it was something sexy. i was caged, of course, and throbbing! Then it happened... woke me up out of a dead sleep.  i started spurting all over myself and the sheets. There was no touching, no stimulation, i was sound asleep... my first "wet dream"... at the age of 40!


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

"normal" sex

It's rare, but a couple times a year Miss Scarlett desires just some "normal" vanilla love making. One such time happened a few nights ago... with a twist.  She told me what She wanted, and i was excited, then She said something else to me. "Just make sure you put the numbing cream on so you can last longer than 3 seconds".

3 seconds... She's not wrong.  i've had just a handful of erections this year, and only one orgasm (which i wasn't allowed to even feel). So yeah, i've become incredibly sensitive. On the rare occasions She allows me to enter Her, i rarely make it all the way in before i have to pull out... i'm already "there".

What She said was humbling, emasculating, and humiliating. All in the good ways! It was also erotic, exciting, and such an incredible turn on.

To say the least we had a great time! Although, our new "normal" vanilla sex includes me not feeling a thing! And no, i wasn't allowed to orgasm either ;)


Monday, March 21, 2022

On Another Level

my Mistress and i have been on our journey into the WLM and BDSM lifestyle for a few years now. With each new experience brings pleasure, pain, success, and failure but most of all learning and growth. Learning about each other and growth as a Dominant/Mistress (Her) and a submissive/sissy (me). 

i would say since the beginning of the pandemic things have certainly started moving much faster. She is getting SOOO much more comfortable as a Dominant and i have to admit, as a now permanent worker from home, i've embraced my role as a submissive sissy housewife.

Lately though things have gone to another level! It started when we had a discussion on NYE. my chastity had been for the most part permanent since the 1st of May 2021. With only breaks for vacations and the only time i was out was when She wanted to play with Her toy. 

Since the 1st of the year, i've only been out a handful of times. We've gone away for a few long weekends, She's even left me home on a trip out of town for several days and has taken the key with her. my last orgasm (and first of the year) was almost 4 weeks ago, and that one i didn't even get the pleasure of feeling.

Previously when we'd play, i would almost always be unlocked to be teased. Anymore, i'm rarely unlocked. This month alone, i've only been out once for about 15 minutes. She has gotten so comfortable teasing and denying me, and i love it. i'm so addicted. She gets so much pleasure out of tormenting me, and the anticipation is enough to get me moaning in pleasure.

i love this journey so much. i never want it to end! What's the saying? Careful what you wish for? LOL


Thursday, February 24, 2022

1 down, 5 to go.

Once again i feel i should apologize for the lack of postings. i (we've) been really busy lately. We're working on a little renovation in the basement to create a "private" room for just Miss Scarlett and Sierra. More to come on that later. This post does have something to do with that room though!

We got to test out a new piece of furniture in our room! We ordered a Black Lable Esse II lounge chair from Liberator. It's a specially designed chase lounge, ergonomically designed for sex positions, with the added bonus of restraint points in the base :D Happy Day indeed!

We've also been experimenting with lidocaine.  Yesterday marked 54 days since my last orgasm on NYE. I've spent nearly every second of every day locked in my chastity cage. With the exception of maybe 15 minutes once or twice a week for a T&D session. Needless to say, i've been VERY sensitive and i'm ready to blow in literally seconds. Hence the playing with lidocaine.

Now, 3 seconds is turned into as long as She wants. Last night our tease session lasted much longer. Like 45 minutes... it was incredible. i was allowed to have as much sex as i wanted, she was able to have mind melting orgasms, and i wasn't able to feel a thing.

About 45 minutes in, She looked me in the eyes and said something to me that instantly pushed me right over the edge. It wasn't the feeling (or lack thereof), it was Her words.

"Go on and cum sissy. Sissies don't deserve to feel orgasms"

And then it happened! Except... i couldn't feel a thing! There was all the actions of an orgasm, muscle contractions, spurts, LOTS of cum. But NONE of the feeling. Notice i said feeling and not pleasure... OMG it was amazing though.  Even though i couldn't feel anything physically, i felt so emotionally pleased. The smile on Her face, the look in Her eyes.... SHE was happy, which made me happy. 

It was worse than a ruined orgasm, yet it was the best orgasm i think i've ever had.

When it was all over She told me maybe i wouldn't feel any of my orgasms this year. I mentioned in my NYE post that i asked Her how many orgasms She thought i should have this year, Her answer was quick and decisive... 6 She said.

1 down, 5 to go.


The results are in!

Two weeks ago i posed the question as to what you gurls wear to bed for "protection". There was a tie between "Just panties&...